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The Brief

Since the site had become non-transactional visibility and traffic had been impacted. Visibilis was tasked to drive potential customers to the site to explore the range with the ultimate goal of pushing sales through their Amazon retail.

Our Approach

At the beginning of the campaign we undertook a full tracking audit discovering that the majority of traffic on the site was not being correctly tracked or attributed.  Working with the relevant teams at Hallmark we then set up customised reports with Google Analytics to ensure the team had easy access to the data views they required.

Through a careful blend of evergreen social prospecting and retargeting, alongside higher purchase intent activity on PPC through both Google and Bing, we successfully worked to drive traffic the Hallmark’s site with the end goal of these customers then heading on to the Amazon product store.

We created a multiple-avenue, highly granular activity structure for ranges.  Utilising carefully selected generic ‘occasion’ keywords, we worked to drive new customers into Hallmark’s purchasing funnel, taking a carefully considered amount of audience away from online competitors.

Alongside this evergreen activity, we also worked to ensure peak seasonal activity captured and drove traffic to bespoke landing pages on the Hallmark site.

The Results

Increased conversions +300% over the core period YoY.
Drove a 24% decrease in cost per acquisition.
Increased site engagement by 55%.
Biddable activity was responsible for driving 75% of all conversion across seasonal periods.

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